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Application of Java EE Web Services Technology to mobile services delivery

Author: Tomasz Pająk MSc

Supervisor: Piotr Korbel PhD

The thesis was awareded in the "TT-Hi-Tech" competition (2009) organized by the Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Technical University of Lodz and Transition Technologies Company.

This thesis examines whether Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Web Services technology is convenient for delivering services to mobile devices in heterogenous environments. It was inspired by the fact that data services will have bigger share in the UE's mobile communications market than voice services.

Moreover, a prototype system was exclusively created for the thesis. Its main aim was to enable a physician equipped with a mobile device (eg. smart phone, PDA) to work remotely. The system was created only by using free-of-charge frameworks and technologies like: Spring Framework, Hibernate Framework, Apache CXF, GlassFish application server and MySQL database.