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Electronics is Your future

Can you imagine living without a mobile phone or a computer?
Do you know how many electronic circuits are there in a MP3 player, a car, a camera, or a washing machine? The truth is that without electronics dealing with the generation, transmission, reception and storage of information, these devices would not exist.

Institute of Electronics offers courses in electronics, telecommunications and biomedical engineering. The programs give the opportunity to acquire both the knowledge and practical skills required for the design, implementation and maintenance of  various electronic devices/ applications appliances. All our courses are tailored to the needs of the students and labour market. Our graduates and students work for famous companies like Ericsson, Siemens, TP-Orange, Bosch.

The  lectures, classes and workshops are both in English and in Polish.
Academic teachers employed in the Institute conduct the research in cooperation with the best universities and companies in the world.

We also offer a new innovative IT system saving our students time.
Our students are offered  courses at other universities and training periods with the best-known companies.
Students take part in the research conducted in the Institute including international projects and cooperation. The results of our research are applied in  medical diagnostics, and in medical electronic aiding for the people with disabilities, so we integrate people.