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All Staff Members
Medical Electronics Division
Communication Division
Electronic Circuits
and Thermography Division
Medical Electronics Division (MED):
Paweł Strumiłło, Dr.Hab.MED
Full ProfessorRoom: 322, pawel.strumillo@p.lodz.pl
Director of the Institute42 631 26 26
Piotr Szczypiński, Dr.Hab.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 217A, piotr.szczypinski@p.lodz.pl
Head of the Medical Electronics Division42 631 26 42
Michał Strzelecki, Dr.Hab.MED
Associate ProfessorRoom: 216, michal.strzelecki@p.lodz.pl
Deputy Director42 631 26 31
Artur Klepaczko, Dr.Hab.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 217A, aklepaczko@p.lodz.pl
42 631 26 42
Consulting Hours:
Monday 8.30-9.30
Thursday 9:30-10.30
Michał Bujacz, Dr.Eng.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 207, bujaczm@p.lodz.pl
42 631 27 15
Consulting Hours:
Thursday 10-11
Wednesday 10-11
Piotr Dębiec, Dr.Eng.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 218, piotr.debiec@p.lodz.pl
42 638 39 87
Consulting Hours:
Marek Kociński, Dr.Eng.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 218, kocinski@p.lodz.pl
42 631 26 17
Marcin Kociołek, Dr.Eng.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 205, marcin.kociolek@p.lodz.pl
42 631 26 38
Aleksandra Królak, Dr.Eng.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 207, aleksandra.krolak@p.lodz.pl
42 631 27 15
Consulting Hours:
Wednesday 13-14
Thursday 12-13
Paweł Poryzała, Dr.Eng.MED
Room: 203, poryzala@gmail.com
42 631 26 19
Piotr Skulimowski, Dr.Eng.MED
Assistant ProfessorRoom: 205, pskul@p.lodz.pl
42 631 26 38
Consulting Hours:
Friday 12.15-13.00
Maria Strąkowska, Dr. Eng.MED
Room: 208,
Bartosz Kopczyński, M.Sc.MED
Room: 206A, bartosz.michal.k@gmail.com
42 631 26 13

Medical Electronics Division

Research activities of the Division concentrate on:

• processing and analysis of biomedical signals and images • design of human-machine interfaces and electronic aids for the disabled • applications of internet technologies and data security systems, biometry • applications of computational intelligence in medicine and engineering • design of microcontroller and embedded DSP and FPGA systems

Communications Division

The research of the Division is focused on:

• electromagnetic wave propagation modelling • modelling and design of antennas and antenna systems • modelling and design of radio communication systems including ad-hoc networks • automation of complex measurement procedures e.g. in electromagnetic compatibility • modelling, design, and testing of specialised integrated circuits.

Electronic Circuits and Thermography Division

The Division specializes in thermo-optical systems, thermal and video camera interfaces (PCI, PCMCIA, USB, FireWire) and image acquisition and analysis software. The research activities also concern the study and modelling of heat and mass transfer in electronic systems and power devices using thermography as a verification tool. The Division carries out the research and development in the area of design and modelling of switching power converters with thyristors and field-controlled devices like MOSFET, IGBT or MCT, hybrid intelligent power modules (IPM) and control and measurement circuits for power devices.