Medical Electronics

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Medical Electronics - autumn 2019/20

Lecture schedule
Date Lecturer Topic

prof. Paweł Strumiłło Introduction to biomedical enginering
11.10.2019 prof Paweł Strumiłło ECG
No lecture
No lecture
dr Aleksandra Królak

Biomedical systems, transducers, amplifiers
Artifacts and noise

No lecture No lecture

start at 12:00

dr Robert Strąkowski


15.11.2019 prof. Andrzej Materka
Medical Imaging I
22.11.2019 prof. Andrzej Materka Medical Imaging II
29.11.2019 prof. Andrzej Materka Medical Imaging III
6.12.2019 dr Aleksandra Królak

Lecture cancelled (Dean's hours)

13.12.2019 dr Aleksandra Królak EMG, EEG, EOG, Telemedicine
20.12.2019 dr Aleksandra Królak Test
10.01.2020 dr Aleksandra Królak Test - resit 1
17.01.2020 dr Aleksandra Królak Test - resit 2
Laboratory/project schedule

Date Group 1 Group 2
4.10.2019 Laboratory 1 No classes
11.10.2019 Laboratory 2 Laboratory 1
18.10.2019 No classes Laboratory 2
25.10.2019 Laboratory 3 Laboratory 3
-end of semeter
Work on projects Work on projects
Link: Course files / Pliki dla przedmiotu

Laboratory files

Laboratory 1 - download
Laboratory 2 - download
Laboratory 3 - download
SevSeg library - download
DHT library - download

Example projects

Fatigue detection on the basis of eye blink dynamics analysis

Analysis of eye-blink dynamics from EOG measurement in
different scenarios generating mental fatigue.


Lie detectorlie detectorlie detector

Design and implementation of
an electronic circuit for analysis of galvanic skin resistance (GSR) that can be used
as a simple lie detector.

lie detector

Iris-based person identificationiris extraction

Using image processing methods for pre-processing
of iris images in order to identify persons based
on iris features analysis.

Diode thermometerdiode thermometer

Design and implementation of an electronic circuit
for measurement of room temperature.

ECG signal analysisecgecg

Registration of ECG signal using Biopac system
and implementation of signal processing methods
for extraction of ECG signal parameters.

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