Piotr M. Szczypiński


The qmazda is a software package for digital image analysis. It computes shape, color and texture descriptors of the image arbitrary regions of interest. Also it implements several algorithms of discriminant analysis.


The qmazda project is to further develop MaZda program, make it an open source and port the implemented algorithms to Linux and OS X platforms. The qMaZda interface is now based on Qt, most of the algorithms are rewritten and optimized. The image processing make use of OpenCV library, the discriminant analysis utilize qhull and alglib libraries and medical images are loaded by means of dicom toolkit (dcmtk library).

The program is still under development. Below there are binaries of test versions. Version numbers code a year and month of compilation. These are not stable releases yet, and they are not fully tested. Software is provided under GPL3 license. Source codes are available from GitLab repository.



Do not download or install it unless you take full resposibility for what may happen.

In 18.10 local binary patterns, histogram of oriented gradients, haar wavelet energies are implemented.


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