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Here are documents, presentations and other materials for lectures and laboratory classes that are no longer required by the University, or someone else is involved in teaching. However, I still believe some of the materials might be useful for someone. I keep them in their original form, including links that might not be active nowadays.

Microprocessor systems

Software we use in the lab: Other references:

Radio frequency circuits (laboratory)

Some references:

Analog Electronics

Computer graphics


The example source code for bitmap loading includes a fragment:

fread(&bfh,sizeof(bfh), 1, plik);

If you compile this code with Builder C++ version 6, the resulting program will fail to load and display a bitmap. To fix the problem you have to modify several header files supplied with Builder 6:

  1. Find header files pshpack1.h, pshpack2.h, pshpack4.h and pshpack8.h. Usually they are located in C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder6\Include folder. Edit these files and remove the last line, which looks like this:
    #pragma option pop /*P_O_Pop*/
  2. Find header file poppack.h. Edit it and remove the first line, which looks like this:
    #pragma option push -b -a8 -pc -A- /*P_O_Push*/

The original header files pshpackN.h and poppack.h, provided by Microsoft (with a Visual C++) do not contain these additional lines.

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