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COST B11 action "Quantitation of Magnetic Resonance Image Texture" started in May 1998. It will be completed in the year 2002. There are 17 universities and research centres involved in B11 project, both from UE countries as well as from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland.

The initator and co-ordinator of COST B11 Action is Dr Richard Lerski, director of Medical Physics Department, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee, Scotland. The complete list of COST B11 participants can be found on web page.

The main objective of COST B11 project is development of quantitative analysis methods of magnetic resonance image texture in order to improve computerised medical diagnosis techniques. In the framework of the action B11, the analysis of medical MRI images is performed.

There are four working groups organised in B11 action:

WG 1: "Software and statistics" - co-ordinator Prof. A. Materka
WG 2: "Clinical applications" - co-ordinator Prof. J. Chambron
WG 3: "Texture formation" - co-ordinator Prof. L. Schad
WG 4: "Osteoporosis" - interdisciplinary group co-ordinated by Dr Y. Rolland

Meetings of COST B11 participants are organised twice a year. During these meetings, working group reports are discussed and work plans for further research are established. The Management Committee of COST B11considers the financial aspects and any other competent business related to the project.

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