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Foot cross-section

This research project concerned MRI images representing cross-section of human foot. The objective of this project was to investigate the influence of scanner resolution and MR acquisition protocols (Spin echo, Flash 3D) on the quality of heel and metatarsus bone images (Fig. 8). Also, work on image segmentation using network of synchronised oscillators was carried out. This segmentation method is able to extract the heel and metatarsus bones from other tissues. Segmentation result for sample image is shown in Fig 9. Results of these investigations can be applied in diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Fig. 8
Fig. 8 MRI image of foot cross-section, for Flash sequence (a) and 3D Spin sequence (b)
Fig. 9
Fig. 9 MRI image of foot cross-section, (a) before and after segmentation (b)

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