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The most important achievements

The most important results obtained by Polish participants of the B11 project:

  • Development of software package for analysis of MRI images, which has been selected an official tool in COST B11 action (MaZda, B11)
  • Organising of three training courses for users of the developed software: for about 20 COST B11 participants (Brussels 2000, Brussels 2002), 9 staff members of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague and group of medical doctors from Czech hospitals (Prague 2001).
  • Development of an extensive review paper entitled "Texture Analysis Methods - A Review" distributed among COST participants, 12 scientific articles published as book chapters or conference papers, and 5 research reports;
  • Participation in 10 Management Committee and Working Group meetings, in Brussels, Glasgow, Prague, Madrid, Rennes, Heidelberg, Angers, Bergen and Lodz (the meeting organised by Polish group in May, 2001), where 22 short lectures were presented by the members of COST B11 Polish group.
  • Participation in 5 Short Term Missions (short visits to partner institutes).
    During the first two-week mission to German Cancer Research Center (GCRC), Heidelberg, literature studies on texture analysis were performed. Mission participants (Prof. A. Materka, Dr M. Strzelecki and Dr P. Szczypiński) got also familiar with MR scanners installed in the Centre and with MR acquisition techniques.
    The objective of the second mission to the University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark (Prof. A. Materka, P. Makowski) was to familiarise with equipment and medical investigation procedures using MR scanners, along with planning of Ph.D. studies of P. Makowski in Denmark, (three dimensional modelling of heart muscle and blood vessels using MR imaging).
    During the visit to the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Research, Prague, the analysis of MRI kidney and brain images was discussed (Dr M. Strzelecki and Dr P. Szczypiński).
    During this mission to Communications Technology Laboratory, Zurich, the participants got familiar with research areas of the Laboratory and discussed analysis of Multiple Sclerosis MR images (Prof. A. Materka, Dr M. Strzelecki, M. Kociołek)
    In 2001, Dr Piotr Szczypiński visited Danish Institute of Agricultural Science (Foulum and Aarslev) to perform analysis of MR food images (potatoes and meat) and to discuss segmentation procedures of these images.

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