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The main goal of the Polish group taking part in COST-B11 project was to develop computer programs for magnetic resonance (MR) image texture analysis. MaZda was the first program that was created to satisfy this objective. Its development started in 1998. MaZda allows evaluation of texture parameters (features) in digitised images. In 1999 of two other programs, Convert and B11, were developed. Convert was used for selection and reduction of features generated by MaZda. In the current version of software package, Convert procedures were included in MaZda program code. The B11 software computes linear and non-linear transformations of data feature vectors to obtain data compression, representation and visualisation. It also includes procedures for data classification. The image below represents the data flow chart between MaZda and B11 programs.

Software MaZda program B11 program

MaZda plus B11 software package became the official tool for MR-image analysis within framework of COST B11 project. It evolves continuously to satisfy needs and implement suggestions of the project participants.

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