Remote assistance system for the visually impaired

Main researcher: Przemysław Barański, Ph.D.

The blind user wears a device equipped with a small digital camera, a GPS receiver and a headset.

Video and GPS readouts are sent to the remote operator at home or in a call centre.

The operator observes the blind user’s actions and verbally warns him of any obstacles. Thanks to the GPS technology the operator can guide the blind user to any requested destination.

Remote assistance system - scheme

System description

The proposed prototype system is based on the idea of relaying video from a camera worn by a blind user to a sighted operator located elsewhere at a computer (or using appropriate mobile device). The remote operator guides the blind user to requested locations and warns him of any dangers. Thanks to GPS readouts the operator can track the blind user’s location on a digital map. Additional functionality of the system is the possibility of capturing large resolution images so that the remote assistant can read text and signs for the visually impaired.


The system consists of two terminals:

Current prototype undergoes field trials with participation of blind volunteers.


Screenshot of the graphical user interface of the remote operator’s terminal.