Telecommunication Division

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Start Małgorzata Langer

Małgorzata Langer

Dr. Małgorzata Langer

Technical University of Lodz, Institute of Electronics, Telecommunication Division
Wólczańska 211/215 St., B9 building, 90-924 Łódź
room 310 (third floor)

e-mail: malgorzata.langer[at]
tel. (+48)(+42) 631 26 39

Consultation hours:
Monday: 12 - 14

For urgent cases - feel free to come or to mail


TELECOMMUNICATION is everywhere !!

  • radio
  • television
  • microwave
  • phone
  • internet

Discover secrets of telecommunication !!

Useful links

Useful links:
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telekomunikacja, elektronika medyczna, termografia
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strona główna Politechniki


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Telecommunication - this is IT!