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Welcome to KKRRiT 2015

Program and Organizing Committees invite you to attend the


which will be held from 8th to 10th April 2015 in Lodz, Poland

In April 2015, we invite you to attend this event at Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering, Lodz University of Technolgy.

The Conference will be held under patronage:

    •  Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy – Janusz Piechociński
    •  Ministry of Administration and Digitization of Poland – Andrzej Halicki
    •  Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council – Jan Dworak
    •  Polish Academy of Sciences – prof. Michał Kleiber
    •  President of the Office of Electronic Communications – Magdalena Gaj
    •  Rector of the Lodz University of Technology – prof. Stanisław Bielecki
    •  Mayor of Lodz – Hanna Zdanowska
    •  Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication – Jerzy Straszewski
    •  Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications – Stefan Kamiński
    •  Polish Chamber of Digital Broadcasting – Jacek Silski
    •  Committee of Electronics and Telecommunications, Polish Academy of Sciences
    •  Office of Electronic Communications
    •  Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Lodz University of Technology

Conference objectives

Presentation of the current developments in research and technology as well as new trends in radiocommunications, broadcasting and multimedia. Integration of scientists and engineers.

Key topics to be presented at KKRRiT 2015

Applications of radio electronics in medicine and protection of people working in hazardous environments

Radio communications in public safety

Wireless data transmission in smart energy systems

Detailed topics

We invite all involved in the radio communication, service broadcasting to submit proposals of papers covering the following topics:

  •     basic issues of radiocommunications,
  •     new coding, modulation and transmission techniques,
  •     digital signal processing in radiocommunications and broadcasting,
  •     broadcasting systems,
  •     analysis and compression of multimedia data,
  •     hybrid multimedia systems,
  •     cellular systems,
  •     wireless networks,
  •     sea, air and satellite radiocommunications,
  •     public security radio systems,
  •     location and navigation radio systems,
  •     Ad-Hoc networks,
  •     interoperability in wireless communications systems,
  •     antenna techniques and MIMO systems,
  •     radio wave propagation,
  •     planning and optimization of radio networks,
  •     electromagnetic compatibility of radio equipment and systems,
  •     spectrum management,
  •     measurements in radiocommunications and television,
  •     education in the field of radiocommunications, radio, television and multimedia.

Special sessions

During the conference a special sessions will be organized, e.g: sessions signed by the International Union of Radio Science (URSI)

Language of conference

All sessions will be held in Polish. In special cases, there is a possibility of presentation in English. The Organizers do not provide papers and presentations translations.

Accompanying events

Traditionally, a welcome cocktail and a picnic will be organized.


We invite manufacturers and importers of equipment, operators, service and software providers, publishers of scientific and technical literature and training companies to attend or organize their business sessions or technical exhibitions. The KKRRiT conference is a great place to present your company to the community of professionals and to students of the Lodz University of Technology. We encourage you to read more detailed information: offer for exhibitors (in Polish).


We kindly ask the telecommunications and media Companies for the financial support of the Conference organization, which will assure the appropriate level of the event coordination, at the same time retaining the conference fees at the low level (especially for young participants - regular and Ph.D. students). We are convinced that our Sponsors will significantly contribute to the success of KKRRiT 2015.

Conference fees

Conference fee includes: admission to all sessions, conference kit (with final program, book of abstracts, proceedings and accessories), coffee breaks and lunches, welcome cocktail and picnic. Accompanying person fee includes: coffee breaks and lunches, welcome cocktail and picnic.



(before 27.02.2015)

 standard  950 PLN  850 PLN
 author  850 PLN  750 PLN
 Ph.D. student  700 PLN  600 PLN
 student  500 PLN  400 PLN
 accompanying person  400 PLN  400 PLN

Fees will be accepted only in the non-cash form into bank account: 60 1020 1097 0000 7602 0105 8536 Polskie Towarzystwo Zastosowań Elektromagnetyzmu, ul. Koszykowa 86, 02-008 Warszawa with a note: "KKRRiT 2015 for …" (name of participant)

Important dates for authors

  • 5th January 2015 

    20th January 2015 - paper submission,

  • 23rd February 2015 - qualification decisions of the Program Committee,

  • 10th March 2015 - deadline for the final version of the papers.

All papers should be written in Polish. Papers in English will be accepted if at least one author is a foreigner. All papers after approval of the Program Committee will be published in the Review of Telecommunications. Papers must be submitted in PDF format. It is required to format the paper according to the paper template.


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