Telecommunication Division

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Welcome in Telecommunications Division
The research of the Division is focused on:

  • electromagnetic wave propagation modelling;
  • modelling and design of antennas and antenna systems;
  • modelling and design of radio communication systems including ad-hoc networks;
  • automation of complex measurement procedures, e.g. in electromagnetic compatibility;
  • signal and image processing (filtering, coding, compression);
  • application of computational intelligence (artificial neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy logic) for processing and recognition of signals and images, telecommunication traffic engineering, and solving global optimisation problems;
  • modelling, design, and testing of real time services;
  • modelling, design, and testing of specialised integrated circuits;
  • coding and information theory.


TELECOMMUNICATION is everywhere !!

  • radio
  • television
  • microwave
  • phone
  • internet

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Useful links:
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