Innovations in education

New second-cycle Electronics and Telecommunications programme in Polish

Innovative second-cycle three-semeter programme introduced in 2020. The curriculum is mostly project-based with "Autonomous electronic system" (12 ECTS points) on semester 1 followed by a two-stage "Industrial project" (8 + 6 ECTS points) on semesters 2 and 3. The projects are supported with specialized engineering courses, project management and foreign languages. Over 60% of the programme content is elective, which provides flexibility required by today's second cycle students starting their professional careers at the same time.

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Institute Structure – Divisions

Medical Electronics Division

Head of the Division
prof. Piotr Szczypiński

Communications Division

Head of the Division
prof. Sławomir Hausman

Electronic Circuits and Thermography Division

Head of the Division
prof. Bogusław Więcek


Institute of Electronics
Lodz University of Technology
211/215 Wolczanska Str. B-9 building
PL 93-005 Lodz

+48 42 636 00 65
Mo-Fr: 8.00 - 16.00

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