Research infrastructure

Radio and microwave laboratory:

  • measurements of basic parameters of wireless and microwave systems,
  • testing of radio channel parameters,
  • testing of microwave elements properties,
  • testing of antennas (placed in free space as well as in real conditions, e.g. on the human body),
  • supporting research in the field of textronics.

Radio and microwave laboratory
Radio and microwave laboratory

Thermographic testing laboratory:

  • thermovision spectral measurements,
  • active thermography – non-destructive testing,
  • thermovision measurements in construction - e.g. assessment of building insulation, leak detection,
  • applications in medicine - supporting the diagnosis of diseases, including cancer.

Thermographic testing laboratory
Thermographic testing laboratory

Laboratory of human-computer interaction systems:

  • blink-controlled brain-computer interface,
  • development of systems supporting persons with physical disabilities in interaction with the environment.

Stand for 3D printing using the FDM method:

  • double-sided and one-sided prototype printed circuits,
  • small and medium production series.

Stand for 3D printing using the FDM method
Stand for 3D printing using the FDM method

Institute Structure – Divisions

Medical Electronics Division

Head of the Division
prof. Piotr Szczypiński

Communications Division

Head of the Division
prof. Sławomir Hausman

Electronic Circuits and Thermography Division

Head of the Division
prof. Bogusław Więcek


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