IFE – Mechanical Engineering

IFE – Biomedical Engineering

IFE – Pattern Recognition


The Institute of Electronics cooperates with top universities and the best companies in the world in the following fields:

  • signal and image processing
  • wireless networks and ad hoc networks
  • computational intelligence methods in technology, industry and medicine
  • human-computer interface design and development
  • computer aided systems and devices for the people with disabilities
  • electronic equipment design

Institute of Electronics

The Institute offers :

  • undergraduate engineering courses for BSc in:
    - Electronics and Telecommunications (full-time and part time in Polish)
    - Telecommunications and Computer Science (full-time in English)
    - Biomedical Engineering (full- time in English)
  • postgraduate engineering courses for MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications (full-time and part time in Polish)
  • postgraduate engineering courses for PhD in Electronics (in Polish, or in English).



Polish Business Magazine

The special edition of Polish Business Magazine – Poland 2012 Science, Study & Research has been just released. Research and teaching activities of the Institute of Electronics, Lodz University of Technology were presented. This publication is oriented towards promotion of leading Polish research institutions. The magazine is distributed among 134 Polish diplomatic posts, Science Promotion Offices in Brussels, Munich and Hamburg as well as in international education fair offices all over the world.

The full version of this article is available below.


Medical Electronics Division

Research activities of the Division concentrate on:

• processing and analysis of biomedical signals and images • design of human-machine interfaces and electronic aids for the disabled • applications of internet technologies and data security systems, biometry • applications of computational intelligence in medicine and engineering • design of microcontroller and embedded DSP and FPGA systems

Communications Division

The research of the Division is focused on:

• electromagnetic wave propagation modelling • modelling and design of antennas and antenna systems • modelling and design of radio communication systems including ad-hoc networks • automation of complex measurement procedures e.g. in electromagnetic compatibility • modelling, design, and testing of specialised integrated circuits.

Electronic Circuits and Thermography Division

The Division specializes in thermo-optical systems, thermal and video camera interfaces (PCI, PCMCIA, USB, FireWire) and image acquisition and analysis software. The research activities also concern the study and modelling of heat and mass transfer in electronic systems and power devices using thermography as a verification tool. The Division carries out the research and development in the area of design and modelling of switching power converters with thyristors and field-controlled devices like MOSFET, IGBT or MCT, hybrid intelligent power modules (IPM) and control and measurement circuits for power devices.