Industrial applications of IR thermography

Industrial applications of IR thermography

One of the areas of research carried out at the Institute of Electronics (LUT) is industrial application of thermography. Researches are mainly focused on the thermal phenomena occurring in electronic circuits and power systems, non-destructive testing using thermography, optical gas leaks imaging using in-house designed infrared and multispectral imaging systems. The new method of signal processing for temperature and strain measurement using optical fibers and Raman and Brillouin scattering phenomena has recently been developed. These studies are carried out in cooperation with industry and other research entities. The research works are supplemented with thermography training and courses that are aimed at enabling the broad possible use of thermography in the industry.

A new research field at the Department of Electronic Systems and Thermography is the construction of a system for remote temperature sensing based on Raman scattering phenomenon in optical fibers. The main principle of this research is to develop a new method of data analyzing for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems. For this purpose, the system and mathematical model have been developed.

One of the research fields of the Department of Electronic Systems and Thermography is modelling, design and development of thermal imaging cameras for gas leaks detection. Thanks to being uncooled, these cameras are much more cost effective than solutions with cooled detectors. Due to interference filters used in the optical path, it is possible to tune the sensitivity to chosen gas or gas groups only. The contrast of gas plume can be enhanced by special image processing algorithms, e.g. by overlaying color palette into detected gas plume. For methane, the developed camera’s sensitivity is 550 ppm·m with 50 °C background.

Nowadays, IR cameras have a wide variety of applications in many industrial applications offering the unique advantages of e.g. contactless high-resolution temperature measurement. The Department of Electronic Devices and Thermography has started a research field in the electrical, energy and power electronics industries. For this purpose, innovative RMS current measurement method has been developed, for which an IR camera is needed. The new 2- method was developed using frequency analysis suitable for AC power cables. The tests carried out so far have concluded that the measurement method is resistant to the influence of external light and weather conditions, such as excessive wind. The proper calibration of temperature and current flowing in the tested element allows achieving accuracy of temperature measurement below NETD limit.

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