Electronic and Infrared systems

Broad-band (3-16 µm) IR uncooled bolometer camera for gas detection

In the Institute of Electronics, the innovative infrared (IR) systems are being developed. Such systems implement the advanced hardware and software solutions, including the latest methods of data analysis and processing. Our scientists and experts offer an aid in development and implementation of different projects, such as systems for medical screening or wide and broad-band (3-14 µm) bolometric IR cameras for gas detection. We also offer LWIR (7-14 µm) high sensitive IR camera, with VOx 640x480, 25mK NETD detectors. We propose co-operation in the development of systems for temperature and strain measurement using optical fibers, based on the Raman and Brillouin scattering phenomena. We offer the testing systems based on radiation temperature and thermal impedance measurements for thermal management in electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, textiles and other domains.

  • Industrial applications of IR thermography

    Industrial applications of IR thermography

    One of the areas of research carried out at the Institute of Electronics (LUT) is industrial application of thermography. Researches are mainly focused on the thermal phenomena occurring in electronic circuits and power systems, non-destructive testing using thermography, optical gas leaks imaging using in-house designed infrared and multispectral imaging systems.

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  • Medical IR thermography

    Medical IR thermography

    In the Institute of Electronics, the research and implementation of new methods and systems of infrared (IR) medical thermography are being developed for diagnosis and screening. The research is focused on new processing methods of IR images, in particular for dynamic active thermography. The new tools, systems and software mainly

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Institute Structure – Divisions

Medical Electronics Division

Head of the Division
prof. Piotr Szczypiński

Communications Division

Head of the Division
prof. Sławomir Hausman

Electronic Circuits and Thermography Division

Head of the Division
prof. Bogusław Więcek


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